PPP announces "Prego"

Paper Plane Group is happy to announce its first film: "Prego"

Paper Plane Pictures will debut to international markets with "Prego" a comedy that tells the story of a wedding between two brave men in a small very conservative village in Italy. A crossover between a comedy and a broadway musical Prego will premiere to worldwide audiences in mid 2020 and will be shot in a village called Calella de Palafrugell in Spain (you can see it on the poster).

PG launches Issue Magazine on Apple News

Paper Plane Group is happy to announce the launch of its new magazine: Issue.

After the success of our Wildlife Symphony: Under the Sea and the Amazon, PG has decided to dive into the print and edition world in addition to the media with the development of Issue, the magazine. Issue will deliver extraordinary content through Apple News and Apple News+. Breathtaking pictures, human stories and lots of unique tales brought to you by the awesome team at Issue. Have a sneak peek here.

Wildlife Symphony Part 2 is being produced

Paper Plane Entertainment is happy to announce the production of the award winning documentary series.

After the success of our Wildlife Symphony: Under the Sea and the Amazon, PPE is now producing the second part of the feature documentary series. It is scheduled to be available on Amazon Prime Video, Vimeo On Demand and other online VoD platforms. Also the third part is now in pre-production.

The Sofa Show Tapes new round of episodes

The Sofa Show is ready to produce the first bit of 2020 season!

The pilot and the following 12 episodes of The Sofa Show will be taped in late November after the staff of the show finalize the preparations of the tapings in mid November. This will mark a new chapter in the show's now long pre-production stage. Distribution is scheduled in December and broadcast will start in late January.

PPG is working on a new TV Channel

Paper Plane Group is moving towards the creation of a new internet tv channel

IBC is the new brand created by PPG to become its new and first TV Channel. IBC will operate worldwide and will broadcast all PPG original content plus tons of extra content.

Paper Plane Group announces Columbia Heights

The new sitcom will follow six students from the NYC famed university

Paper Plane entertainment has just started the production of its first sitcom: Columbia Heights. The sitcom follows the difficult lives combining both work and study. Sam, Ellie, Mark, Martha, John and Elise share two apartments: girls and boys in a small condominium near central park.