This is our way of giving back. We want to celebrate the amazing world we live in, and what better way than documenting it? there is even a better way: Having all wildlife enthusiasts to join us and make the documentary together

What is Wildlife Celebration?

WLC, or Wildlife Celebration is a new social initiative that Paper Plane Entertainment has started in order to get funds to support wildlife protection organisations. How we do it? We invite YOU to send us footage that we will use to create an amazing documentary, then this documentary will be available on TV and VoD platforms, ALL the proceeds will be donated to these organisations so they can continue their critical mission of protecting the Earth's amazing Wildlife!

How to join us?

It is very simple, as mentioned we are looking for real wildlife footage, you just need to send us and we will use it to complete the documentary, there are, however some rules regarding quality: footage must be RAW and 4K, you MUST be the owner of the footage and MUST send us a personal release note allowing us to use the footage for the documentary and its related advertising and marketing campaigns.

All submissions must be done at:


What do I get?

A chance to work with hundreds of other wildlife enthusiasts and filmmakers, a chance to change the world, a chance to fight for our beloved wildlife and, of course getting a BIG CREDIT line on the documentary!

What does PPE get?

NOTHING, we will work on this project for free, and some of our own employees will donate footage like you. We are doing this for the planet. Paper Plane Entertainment will, however pay for the distribution and marketing campaigns to ensure the maximum success!


If you care about the environment and happen to be a filmmaker, Good News! you can join us in making a Wildlife Celebration documentary which will be used to raise funds for wildlife conservation organisations. Questions? let us know at